Exist or Nothing? Chicken and egg in thinking philosophy

Some say this or that

Some say this or that

Some say this or that

Who is who as an identity?

Nothing is right
Or nothing is wrong

So many philosophies
So many philosophers
So many truths
Where to start?;(

But we all start from the mothers’ wombs..
Love exists
Others are just illusions

What to choose?
Lovers or haters

Peace or …

Many love news?
Where’s the weapon news?


Lovers in tears
But fighters fierce


This planet is full of people who have mothers of their own who love them

But why can’t we stop fighting?

What are we fighting for?

A piece of income? A piece of paper?


Take it easy.
Life is short to hate.
Love to love lovely people:)

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A harsh snowy time

when there’s snow
when there’s no snow
whatever it takes,
what matter is the mindset,
to accept the changing
nature as it is,
though it could be harsh
or it could be severe,

a bitter medicine
is the only cure,
a sweet catering
is not a status,
but all we need is
a sweet capsule
with a bitter cure,
not a bitter taste
with a sweet honey,,

a plenty of snow here,
making the blue mood
amid of the snow white:)

please enjoy the harsh snow poem by me in this video

to me, winter time is good to write a poem especially with a sense of loneliness, to me, spending alone time writing a poem, making a beautiful video using pictures and sweet melody is a cure

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The same being of the same purpose to follow the almighty God’s wishes

The same being of the same purpose to follow the almighty God’s wishes

In the morning walks,
It’s fortunate to feel the sun,
It’s pleasurable to be able to move,
It’s blessing enough to live healthy,
In this space and earth of beauty.

Winter is here so the warmth are gone, The coldness come back,
To throw and spread the snow,
To make the white wonder land,
In this space and earth of beauty.

There is something about this place, That make us forgetting freedom,
To inspire the great vision,
The ability to see the nature,
In this space and earth of beauty.

To understand the space is something,
That is a unique environment,
To feel it is perfectly ok,
Because it is for all children of God,
To be comfortable in our own skin.

This is important to know,
The purpose on earth,
The awareness of humanity,
Provided with the freedom,
And to pursue God’s rulers.

There is also a space within,
This is the mind space,
When we feel like give up in life,
With this and that of trifles,
Of noises in strength to replenish.

Please enjoy the poem song version in this video.

We eat. We live. We feel. We love.
We are the same.

Thank you.

Winter quotes

spring for the floral shops
summer for the surfers
autumn for the harvestors
winter for the skiing

so we wish
and we like
as who we are

but the seasons come and bless in turns

i wonder, when wil be my turn…?

wish you all patience and success

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hope you like to read winter quotes especially in winter:)

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Quotes on windy days

A little sun, a little rain,
A soft wind blowing from the sky,
And woods and fields are trembling,
And warmth within the kind blanket.

A little love, a little trust,
A soft impulse, a sudden dream,
And life as dry as desert dust,
Is fresher than the emerald stream.

The leaves fall, the wind blows,
The farm country slowly changes,
From the green cottons to orange mats,
To fall into golden winter woods.

please enjoy the autumn wind and read the quotes on wind

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