A harsh snowy time

when there’s snow
when there’s no snow
whatever it takes,
what matter is the mindset,
to accept the changing
nature as it is,
though it could be harsh
or it could be severe,

a bitter medicine
is the only cure,
a sweet catering
is not a status,
but all we need is
a sweet capsule
with a bitter cure,
not a bitter taste
with a sweet honey,,

a plenty of snow here,
making the blue mood
amid of the snow white:)

please enjoy the harsh snow poem by me in this video

to me, winter time is good to write a poem especially with a sense of loneliness, to me, spending alone time writing a poem, making a beautiful video using pictures and sweet melody is a cure

thank you

a little wonder world

a little wonder world
full of amazing fantasies
depend on the mind conditions
seeing the good or the other sides
to me
i see many blessing all around
though unreal and unseen
but feeling the bright daylight
sensing the freshness in the air
all are living and struggling
daily routines buzzling steadily
losing oneself in the existence
amid of the wonderful land
numbness in the negativity
another day gose by
by the power of positivity

in this many doubts and critic world,
the only strength to go on is the
positivity mindset

may you find your destination with faith, hope, love and positivity

Thank you

study on subconsciousness

The conscious mind contains all of the thoughts, memories, feelings, and wishes of which we are aware at any given moment.
The unconscious mind is a reservoir of feelings, thoughts, urges, and memories that are outside of our conscious awareness.
Most people don’t even acknowledge that the subconscious mind is at play when the fact is it is a million times more powerful than the conscious mind and that operate 95 to 99 percent in lives from subconscious programs.
Logic rules the day in the conscious mind. However, the conscious mind does not control the actions. The actions are almost exclusively controlled by the subconscious mind.

so people must understand each other’s subconsciousness behaviors
by having more perception towards each other

Thank you

a poem in the rain

a poem in the rain
soothing cool
in the atmosphere
in the mind
a moment of life
that a heaven grant
to allow all to live
the survival moisture
the blood that need
to live on forever

please enjoy the rain poem in this video

do you have something to enjoy during rainy period? may you find many special ways to enjoy life

Thank you

the unbiased mind

mindfulness in the unbiased state
staying in between the differences
no need to belong and abide
no black or no white or colors
the harmonious balancing time
the virtuous religious consciousness
devoution to the fairness and just
a canvas like rare existence

please enjoy the canvas mindset

Thank you

a smile for everyone

wonder why?
can’t all smile at the same time
one smiles when one cries
fight for peace
cry for happiness
fast for beauty
hunger by poverty
calm to move forward
leap to be steady
lie to be accepted
frank to be isolated
lose to win
and win to lose
wonder why?
want to ask God,
why can’t all smile together?

compersion needed?

please enjoy the video about why can’t all smile at the same time?

compersion and love
to make a smile for all at once


A mindset to freedom

we humans are always wanting to be cared and loved.

in reality, humans have different lives conditions and hardly match each other’s needs.

we humans are always trapped in the rules of society and forced to think that way which is impossible.

the more we rely on other’s sympathy and kindness, the more we are captured in despair.

we must put our attention to the mind of our own and think different way to release from social influences.

we should be content in the current situation and stay out of distractions.

by doing so, we may have more of our times to think and enjoy the freedom.

alone time will make us see more of ourselves and improve our bodies and souls.

philosophical point:

alone is freedom not solitude that we need to be more focus and concentrated.

only at this time of freedom, we start to realize what we think bad is not that bad, and what we crave of is not that good.

we can be free from the embarrassment and emotional stress.

then, we will find the truth in freedom.

we are seriously in need of the filter that will keep us stable and healthy.

wishing you will find the truth beyond the horizon of solitude.

the everlasting love…

please enjoy this video to feel the little freedom of inspiration.

Thank you.

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