Life definition

From the human point of view, life is like hurdles. From the universe point of view, life is just dust of particle?
Whatever your definition of life, the most important is how to endure and enjoy in every circumstance. This video is to share the definition of life that I have studied.


What we are is what we think, act and attract? To achieve the goal, we need to be attractive for what we like to attract? Every day is a challenge to be a better self but not every effort is fruitful. Improvement to be attractive to the destination is demanded in daily basis. If what we can attract is what we want, it’s goal in? Wish you many lucks and happiness. Thank you…

A cozy day poem

It’s a beautiful day. It’s a cozy day. Everybody wants to have fun and enjoy a good time with loved ones. But, these days, many people have to spend time in quarantine losing their jobs…many heartbreaking stories all around the world…People, we the people, all want happy lives and loved ones to be around to spend the beautiful days. Many dreams of these days of happiness….We did have many happy days already, maybe. But, when there is an unstable situation continuing with no clear direction, humans brain is set to be stressful and worrisome for their future…HERE!! I would like to remind you that enjoying a happy day, as usual, is possible. Just go outside to somewhere into the wide-open air like garden or park, bathing the sunlight, and doing a grocery shopping. Cooking at home and enjoy homemade food, it is possible for everyone. So why are we worry for what we don’t see ahead of us? So, forget the corona and enjoy the sunlight of the blessing summer. It is time to strengthen the body before a long and cold winter…This video will make you feel like going outdoor and having fun. I hope you like it. Thank you.

Today’s inspiration

meaningful thoughts and deeds are the only smart way of living.

to be meaningful, to avoid meaningless, first is to know the meaning of life.

living own’s life and building own’s goodness or sacrificing one’s life to build the better world? or supporting the strong righteousness?

we are what we eat and what we do is what we know. what is good is what has meaning. doing good is being meaningful.

have a nice weekend.
don’t forget to smile.
thank you…

Strengthening the mind

This video is made to power the mind. Thinking and concentration in the right mindset enables the strength of mind.
Will power, mind power, is the only power we have to go on living a peaceful way. Power up your mind with the words and melody here. May God bless you with the greatness of strong mind.

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