Exploration in the concealation

days are the cells
months are tissues
years are skin
when days turn to years
years turn to decades
decades to centuries
where will we be?
may be we are suspending
somewhere in the atmosphere
or in the exotic new planet?

please enjoy the poem of exploring the unknown in this video

whereever we are, what matter is with whom we are with to complete our destination as a perfect God’s humans sampling

this poem is a poetry of fantasy

thank you

Bibles Quotes

In the ancient time, we have God and Budda to save us from troubles and diseases.

Nowadays, we have many Systems and NPO to save us from insecurities and troubles.

What is different is the lack of who sacrifices for many lives?

Though, there are many individuals who sacrifices their lives for others sake..

Today is a father’s day to dedicate to those who are bread earners who sacrifice for his family.

please enjoy the bible quotes in this video

thank you

Beautiful Sigh of Relief

Beautiful Sigh of Relief

This is the best wanderlust
To cruise along the cliffs
This is the bless-upon-bless
That kept appearing beyond the arms 
Toward the horizon..

The one vast refuge for the tired heart
The glimmering sweet memory
The beautiful and revealed sigh
A relife reliable religion to breath
Toward a splendid dream..

Please enjoy the poem of the sentiment toward a relife in an only refuge

In life, we, humans are struggling everyday to make a living, a helping hand, a warm heart, a refuge place, a sweet smile, are all the best

May your days be filled with loves and hopes

Thank you


living in the past
never ending memories
haunting day by day
pray and prey to illusions
to escape free
from thoughts of unreal
silently surrender
in the hands of Thee
To worship the super power

please enjoy the poem of moments in our life journey

thank you

A moment..of loss to rapture

Unreal Rapture

In the depth of agony,

Fulls of torture and pain,

Many tedium days of ennui,

What’s beyond the irksomeness?

The ecstasy to transport bliss,

A ravishment of delight

An exchanging of a life

For a spark of rapture..

Budda’s words said that the real rapture is the selfless donation ..and the love of being kind..

These days, many irksomeness found here and there creating restless stresses

To cope with the burdens of pain, a change of perception is required, for example, if one’s lose one’s treasure to someone’s ill treatement, fake the mind as a donation to those in needs..

At last, the losses goes into someone’s mouth as foods or ….

A tree with good shades always got flocks of flyings..

Give and forgive to a higher self..

please enjoy this poem in the video version

thank you

Passion to love is humanity’s heal for hatred

spread love throughout the mind
spread love around the house
spread love all around near and far
spread love over the planet
spread love throughout the universe

everyone’s fighting for foods
everyone’s fighting for a living
everyone’s fighting for tomorrows
everyone’s fighting for freedom
everyone’s fighting for humans’ rights

todays the spirit of saviors and selfless kindness is the most rarest and essential of all

may love be with you

thank you

The most essential thing for the sustainability of the ecosystem

who is better ?
who is winner?
no one

every living on earth has its own purpose to contribute the harmony of the ecosystem

every living thing is sacrificing its freedom in anyway to contribute the cycles of life

no guilt as long as it’s God’s will

but it’s a broken contribution if it’s against the perfect harmony..

what is humanity’s goal?
foods for tomorrow ?
foods for many generation?
how many generations will continue to live healthily?

dying fast has more dignity than having full bags of guilty foods..

though, dignity means nothing for the universe

just a burst or bubble of life, on this earth in this Solar System was created as a result of the extreme event of an exploding star nearly five billion years ago

but life is a matter of living and suffering and struggling against eternity of the universe

what’s sustainability?
is making a living a commit guilt to sustainability?
what is green?
what’s CO2?
what’s O2?
what matters?

humans are punishing and killing each other to keep a living which is to sustain
but the punishing and killing itself is not a sustainability

as long as a snake completes its duty, no measure is required to aware sustainability

though pests are no pests for ecosystem but humans call them pests..

but it’s the end when there is a greedy living thing..
the end of sustainability..

if the sustainability ends,
humanity’s over,
is it the end of the struggling?
is it just a run away or giving up to strive to keep humanity on earth?
so if this is so, a pile of treasure for the next next generation is just a pile of no owners..

making a living is simple,
but it’s complicated to sustain,
but the only way to sustainability is simple,
but the hottest burning on earth is just a simple EGO to eternity of a thirst to wellbeings,


please enjoy the philosophical and psychological cycles of EGOs

may you find peace of mind in your hearts and it’s a Godly thing if there’s a spark of kindness and egoless caring mentality from the bottom of your souls

may love sustains our peace of mind

thank you

Spiritual Closeness

I know you are always with me
as minutes gather, form together and mesh
then don’t be afraid
then all at once, time stands still,
infinite nights dictated by moonlight
I know you never give more than can be handled
allowing for time forgotten, to be reclaimed and remembered
then go ahead, meet the challenge
recounting moments captured from memories
I know you will be with me through the hardest times
Blending with each other, complimenting one another
then trust me, ask me, let me…
I will not let you fall… too far,
enhancing the beauty of mother nature’s symphony
just enough to get your attention

please enjoy the poem in this video version

thank you

A divine law #Energy to eternity

The Biblical fable of the Tower of Babel tells the story of how God put an end to the “one language”, thought to have been telepathy, and how this led to misunderstanding and deception among the humans since they were no longer able to communicate from the heart. This has very much been the state of humanity these past centuries; however with the awakening of the heart-centered consciousness, people everywhere are tapping into the ability to lovingly and honestly communicate regardless of all cultural, religious, linguistic and ethical barriers.

The divine mission to anchor the heart-centered consciousness and divine pour love onto the Earth plane. The language of the heart requires no translation, decoding or interpretation and therefore we are able to energetically tell whether humanity is being genuine and authentic in the words they speak. Our heart also tells us when we are not being true to ourselves and as our heart centre activates, it becomes harder and harder not to align with the infinite universe.

Telepathy is the energetic resonance, oneness and binding together
connect mind to mind, heart to heart.
True telepathy translates the flow of energy into a language for the heart chakra to act as a transmitter of all the emotional and mental information between humans.

Telepathy is also received through the crown chakra, which connects us to our higher self, universal consciousness and the divine realms.

When humans connect energetically, the intense feelings of love spiral out of the magnetic vortex of the heart chakra and create a gateway of telepathic communication.

More than any other part of the energetic body, the heart is the essential thinking, feeling and knowing centre of a multi-dimensional being, generating a powerful electrical field 60 times greater and a magnetic field 5,000 times greater than that of the brain.

It is therefore essential for every human to work on opening the conscious flow of love from the heart, since it is the energy field of the heart which connects us to each other. It is only once we allow the telepathic flow of this Love into our lives through the exchange of unconditional love to align ourselves with the divine will and create balance within, thus radiating it outwardly through our light, awareness and well-being.

Please enjoy the poem version for this content.

Thank you.

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