Digital transformation by Excel

Digital Transformation into the Future

The aim of digital transformation is to connect people, data, and systems to enable greater collaboration, efficiency, and insight. In many ways, spreadsheets have held companies back from these objectives.

With the pandemic, companies realized they needed a digital enterprise to enable remote work, and as conditions evolve, it’s important to have the agility to continually adapt. Toward this end, digital solutions have low- or no-code configuration, so it’s just as simple to setup as spreadsheets, but with governance guardrails that ensure the core design is not wrecked. And with an end-to-end view of data, companies can uncover opportunities to deliver better products faster and more affordably, thus gaining a competitive edge in today’s difficult times.

Written by Tom Brennan

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in this video

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Advantages and Disadvantages of printing Money

Paper money, if it is issued and regulated carefully, is without any disadvantage. All countries issue paper currency, and, in normal times, they do not suffer from it in any manner. Besides, fiscal advantages of printing the paper currency are undoubtedly very great, especially in times of national emergencies like a war. A modern war cannot be prosecuted by taxes or loans alone. All governments have to resort to the printing press.

Only when it is over-issued, it becomes a great danger. It may cause discontent among the masses. When paper money is over-issued, there is inflation and prices rise. It hits hard several important sections of the people like workers and fixed- encomiasts. The people might lose confidence in the currency and it might become useless. Such a situation arose in many countries during and after World War I.

please check the advantages and disadvantages of printing money

the world is in the dilemma of keeping value or sustainability

the world is hard hit by the pandemic and still many consequences are clinging..

how to solve?

may peace be on earth..

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Study on the Probability of Success & Failure

To satisfy wo success
Try to the best to fail several times
Act the success
Be the successful personality
Take the SMART risk

Many options to choose

Choosing the suitable option is the shortcut to a satisfied life

There are many happy and satisfied life that is possible without any successful achievement

Anyway, something’s always amiss

Nothing’s perfect

Nothing’s satisfied

Learn to accustom to any challenges in life and accept to make the most out of rainy days is the best way to enjoy life

please test your success score in this video

you’ll find out that nobody get all types of success

we have different brain patterns and different way of achievement

we are made to be successful in our best unique way individually

others’ success story is not your goal

and your goal is not others ‘ successful goal

don’t stress yourselves with many competitive infos around you

so, relax and know your best to relax and enjoy life

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How to read market sentiment by using the best sellers data

people’s behavior,
the reflection of an era,
many evidences of people’s daily life,
and the market sentiment from 2020 to 2022 tells us that the fear of pandemic is over

economy recovery is back, but…

another ordeal or tribulation is ongoing..

how to overcome 2022..

humanity’s daily challenges

what we need is to stop and take a deep breath to refresh for further life strugglings

please enjoy the brief summary of best sellers 2020〜2022 in this video

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Study on factors controlling the economy

The business cycle is caused by the forces of supply and demand—the movement of the gross domestic product GDP—the availability of capital, and expectations about the future. This cycle is generally separated into four distinct segments, expansion, peak, contraction, and trough. Factors such as GDP, interest rates, total employment, and consumer spending, can help determine the current stage of the economic cycle. The average length of a growing economy is 38.7 months or 3.2 years. The average recession lasts for 17.5 months or 1.5 years.

In this video, a brief list on the factors controlling economy are summarized. By giving the scores to the factors, it’s clear to know in which stage the economy is and obvious to know whether the economy will grow or will be the opposite. But, the factors are out of control now due to many disruptions happenings such as war, constant losses by virus infection and natural disasters, etc. Since factors driven economy is stagnant, it is necessary to cope the changes and challenges by different approaches such as investment-driven, innovation-driven, and wealth-driven strategies.

According to Rostow’s model, the level of growth dependency is quite unique respectively to achieve community level business to local and global business level. It is essential for each development nation to drive the right force to maintain the economy stability and sustainable economic growth.
Rostow’s stages of economic growth model:
The traditional society
The preconditions for take-off
The take-off
The drive to maturity
The age of high mass-consumption

Many rooms to growth..
So do many crises..
What are we driving?
Human-centric force?
Profit-centric force?
Is the economy breathing healthy?
Where and what to fix?
By giving scores to the factors, it is clear that many actions are needed to be taken..
Why it takes so much time?
What is the cause?

Many questions arise..
Is the economy is being watched as it is?
. ..
Many rich men are born so do the opposite by a speedier and higher volume.
Is the economy system outdated to keep its prosperity?
. .

In my humble opinion, there are various procedures that hinder the understanding on the reality in real time.
There are many obstacles and steps to make everything profitable that cause the economy cycle slower.

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Making money is having fun, 2022 onwards popular skill (Metaverse)

this era is time to make money by having fun and playing in the Metaverse virtual world

a wish to Metaverse’s possibility..

one…learn the skill to build the virtual world
two…take part in the virtual world
three…making money in the virtual world to feed the real world
four…make this virtual world a money pot to make everyone get profit
five…save the planet by helping people’s easier to gain basic financial freedom

please watch the video to check how to make money by Metaverse

virtual reality is better than real world stress?

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Qunrantine is the study time

So here is the article of how to be a trader.

BUT WATCH OUT! IT’s corona shock period and the financial market is in chaos and the volatility is unstably higher four times than normal. Not a good timing to start doing demo trading but you cost nothing by demo. So why not experiencing the unstable maket trend condition. Learning to trade requires calm mentality, perseverance and self displines. Good luck!

Study purpose blog March 10, 2020

To readers

The reviews I posted on this blog are the collections of references from various news and social media. I do not own any reference contents and data. This is a reader’s view and my humble opinions on sharing the information, thoughts and views. I thank you for your understanding. Please enjoy the merit of the precious information era. Please let me know if you have comments on this topic.

Financial market:

Financial securities and derivatives are traded at low transaction costs in the financial market. The market provides an avenue for sale and purchase of assets.
The market helps the flow of savings and investment in the economy by facilitating the capital and production of goods and services.

Market types

  1. Stock market
  2. Bond market
  3. Commodities market
  4. Currency market
  5. Derivatives market

Why trading in the financial market?

  1. Saving in a productive way
  2. Profiting on price differences
  3. Assets liquidity
  4. Low cost
  5. Easy access.
  6. Risk-sharing information

Why a normal person must try to trade?

You can be a trader by trading online or e-trading with your home computer. The requirement to start trading is to register to brokers of good reputations. But, learning the rules of how to trade and the fundamental knowledge of the financial market are required to prepare. Start with demo trading to make sure you can win trading in the markets.
Some people trade without much preparation and make a big loss. If you want to be a trader, there is no short cut but to learn the required knowledge to qualify for trading. Some people trade as a career earning good money which is higher than salary income. So, it is worth a try. Who knows you don’t have that trading talent? Trading needs no high educational background. If you enjoy buying and selling, managing money and interesting in the news, you can trade. If you are a disciplined person, then it is a plus. The more you master in trading, the more you make a profit. You can contribute to the economic cycle like a businessman.
Trading needs no company establishment. You are free to trade everywhere on earth as long as there is a high-speed internet connection. Many millionaires are born this way.

Steps to be a trader

  1. Learn from successful traders
  2. Learn the markets knowledge from books and websites
  3. Create a trading strategy
  4. Test trading skill by demo-account
  5. Set goal
  6. Start small

Why is trading exciting?

1) When the economy is strong, the up and down trend is stable and it is exciting to predict the trend. If you learn the basic knowledge to trade, you will know when to buy or sell to make a profit.

2) When the economy is weak, the trend becomes unstable and it is risky to catch the right trade entry. A sudden trend changes could happen during the weak interval. If you learn how to trade, you can manage this by risk management strategy.

Thus, you can trade all the time regardless of the economic condition. It is wise to choose the right market type at the right time. Many successful traders make money throughout the year because they have a strategy for every market situation. They can even win in the Crisis market.

My reviews
I am not recommending but I sincerely share what I have learned about being a trader could be a profitable solution if you master the essential rules. Good luck and wealth to you all.

I will update more in the coming blogs. In this uncertain era, preparation is the right thing to do. Hope you enjoy this blog. For further information, please go to the source in the link below.Learn more

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