Positive reframing

The concept of a mental frame has become more widely known in recent years — that human thought is structured within the body as emergent patterns with implicit logics, structured roles and relationships, and emotional sensibilities.

Sometimes we fail bc of unsuitable frame.
Sometimes we fail bc of our own bad habits.
Sometimes we fail bc of lack of principles.
Sometimes we fail bc of lack of core vision to the goal.
Sometimes we fail bc of our own characters.
Sometimes we fail bc of the right idea.
Sometimes we fail bc of our own weakness.
The many sometimes repeating in repetition pave us a way to where we should be as we are who we are.
Sometimes there is a success in disguised as a failure.
But what is failure?
The lack of the required action which we thought to be right will not surely prove to be right when the frame is not right.
We humans are searching for a needle in the big pile of hay…
Of course, success rate is known.
A magnet?
A lighter?
A broom?
Make a new one?
Or cautious not to drop?
What is the use searching for the needle?
What else is in priority?
Many philosophies arise.
Many questions?
There is always a better choice everywhere.
Inertia is why we stuck.
Only we choose or change after a big failure..

I am struggling daily to be more disciplined. I need to put my frame on a stable me, but I am in the nature of flexibility. I am putting myself in the successful frame that is not my nature. I need a frame to make myself successful to be I am as I am.
But changing and reframing self or changing and reframing surrounding, is a dilemma.

To be successful, the screening in all actions and thoughts are limited. Most are found in the common value.
Simple tricks of humans psychology lead every where easily. Doing the right manners, behaving good and speaking language which are acceptable. These are required. To have discipline in them, the courage to lose one self is required…

If we still want to be we, still we can be. But we can’t survive as long as we are stubborn as we. We need to merge with others to be acceptable as we change to be others…

So I decided to be a new me from now on. To a new frame of me….

A journey in life is a journey of finding oneself in another self..?

May you find your better frame.

Thank you.

Study on immunity and fertility

respect mothers and fathers
who are humans makers

respect mothers to be
and fathers to be
who are future’s humans makers

do you know how easy and
how hard to make a human?

it’s a miracle to get pregnant
and give birth to a child

humans start from miracle
encounterance and love

humans grow up
humans get old

how humans end is the same
as our breaths taken away

be kind to elders
be kind to parents
be kind to parents to be
be a good person
who have respect towards others

please learn how the immunity and fertility are related and ways to strengthen your body for making humans

humans are humans making machine?

Thank you

Study on white blood cell

immunity of the body is responsible by the white blood cell including T cell and B cell. thus, the normal cells count range matters. virus or bacteria infection can impact on the cell counts. too many or less of numbers mean the body in the poor immunity condition. more information about the immunity cells are summarized in this video.

Thank you

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