A day to celebrate the simplicity

Do it simple
Do it harmlessly
Do it as easy as simple

The important messages
From the Saint

Yes, how about celebrate the simplicity

What do we need?
Just a simple wish!
We, humans need a simple day
With loved ones
And share the foods
And enjoy gathering time
Living harmoniously
What more?

a little late simplicity celebrating poem..m…m

please enjoy the poem dedicated to the Saint in this video

thank you

The first water poem by chatGPT

On World Water Day we come together

To celebrate this precious treasure

The clear blue liquid that flows so pure

A vital resource we must all ensure

It quenches thirst and helps us thrive

Allows our crops and gardens to survive

Nourishes the earth and all that grows

A source of life that overflows

Yet, in many places it’s scarce and rare

Communities struggling for a simple share

Pollution and waste tarnish its grace

A challenge we must face

Let’s honor this gift, this life-affirming force

Commit to preserving its course

Reduce our footprint and waste less

Ensure every drop is used to its best

On World Water Day, let’s renew our vow

To cherish this gift, here and now

A promise to protect and preserve

For our children, and for generations to serve.

thank you

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