The threat of tricks around one’s neighbors

are you alone?
are you losing dignity?
are you in a bad luck?

if three yes、you are a good person
and you are seriously under bullied or attacked or under heavily ill plotted by someone who is jealous of you or hate you for a reason..

this poem is about the expression for the fantastic illusion experience when you are being under someone’s ill treated schemes

don’t look down
you are not as weak as you think
you can do better than who you are now
you are born not to be bullied
or not to contribute to the evils
you are born to be a better you
you are born to witness the evils
you are born to declare the truth
you are born to be righteous
the world needs your claims
to make things back to normal
by your courageous existence

may you find the ways to get out of others ‘ schemes cleverly

do you know, many people are down and out in a lonely world, please give them a hand and help them make their living because they are harmless people who don’t know the skill to cope with this sophisticated world. if we, the smart people leave them alone, they can turn to break the rules for the living. for a more safe world, more surveillance is not the answer, but to love and give a hand! w

don’t forget that there are many good saviors out there

wishing more less lonely people on earth

thank you

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