Good but not Good, digital growth vs. increasing mass surveillance

got many good technologies
but little is used their benefits
industries need high speed
but households bear the cost
to build the products
that will sell their secrets
households are buying
what they don’t know
how to use but be abused
by the minority pros
where’s ethical rule?
what happen to this planet?

people blame pornography
why do humans start to wear?
but people like it
people steal it
people use high tech to covert
innocent people don’t know
they are under surveillance
by just staring at one’s TV
they are signaling to somewhere
their images are sold
by the un inspected appliances
by the hidden unseen chips
inside their hard earn electronics
who has this authority?
who can do it?
why still no one take any action?
is it a crime with or without clothes?
is it a crime seeing through other’s wall?
is it a crime being seen under surveillance?
is it a crime that want to see?
what matters?
what the …. is going on in this planet?

this world is messed with hidden cameras
may the unfair end quickly

thank you

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