Inspirational video for those who are discourage

a tour to the mysterious land
only dare with the guidance
through the lights of saints
don’t know what to find
what awaits as advancing
inch by inch to the unknown
is it deserve a try to be bold
or just a vain in the darkness
but what so sure is the experience
the experience to go through
the difficulties with hopes
to make the whole map real..

please enjoy this poem in the video version

thank you

From the worst to the best

In the balance of yin and yang
We find harmony’s sweetest tang
Opposites, yet so intertwined
One cannot exist without the other to find

Yin, the dark and mysterious force
The quiet, the soft, the gentle source
The moonlit night, the starry sky
The peacefulness that helps us fly

Yang, the light and vibrant might
The sun, the fire, the day so bright
The energy that fuels our soul
The passion that helps us reach our goal

Two sides of a coin, forever bound
Together they create the world around
Neither superior, neither supreme
Just different sides of the same team

In the balance of yin and yang
We find our inner peace and bang
The harmony that brings us joy
The perfect blend that none can destroy.

days learn to live in the yin dystopia
to the yang days to light up the nights

thank you

A day to celebrate the simplicity

Do it simple
Do it harmlessly
Do it as easy as simple

The important messages
From the Saint

Yes, how about celebrate the simplicity

What do we need?
Just a simple wish!
We, humans need a simple day
With loved ones
And share the foods
And enjoy gathering time
Living harmoniously
What more?

a little late simplicity celebrating poem..m…m

please enjoy the poem dedicated to the Saint in this video

thank you

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