Factors to poverty and mediocre has to steal for a living, a shocking reality⁉️

In the mass surveillance era,
Coverts are too easy to happen
That could lead to mass destruction
On invading personal privacies
Most mediocre don’t have anything
To protect their own residents
And nowhere to raise the voices
Because most coverts are secret
And corrupted undertable in various ways
The most isolated and neglected voices
Are those of the women and children

Doesn’t it STRANGE that no strict rules to take down the secret surveillance?
Although these coverts and illegal surveillances are annoying and increased in crimes rates rapidly for more than a decade❗️no real crack down on these illegal surveillances.
Besides, the sales of hidden wireless cameras are increasing rapidly⁉️
Moreover, the surveillance busters are hands in hands with the committers!

Why such titles are no big deal in the headlines?
Because, this WORLD need to spy each other to get ahead and protect oneself⁉️
But, no spy no profits⁉️
WHAT THE H… is going on?

WE, humans don’t have a good system to make a living but to live by stealing and bullying.

Many people lose decent jobs and becoming pedestrian covert hidden cameras carriers.
What are they doing?
What is their business⁉️


THEY SELL people’s videos secretly❗️

What a strange world, now, we are living❗️

BUT, Who do this?

WHO are behinds❗️

Many Me Toos⁉️

Me too.

My voice, fading, though I got many clues and evidences❗️

God, may this world be free from the illegal secret surveillance and covert activities against women and children⁉️


Don’t trust the women or old women around you who stalk you with hidden cameras in their hand bags or shoes. It’s sad to know young to old women are selling other privacies to buy their latest fashion brands❗️

watch out, they are just 1 meter away from you!

thank you

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