The Creators, Gods

many years ago
there were creators, Gods
we have sacred bibles
that guide to His kingdom
follow the rules or be sinful?

many creators, inventors
we have efficient devices
that solves problems
abide the ethic moral or abuse?

it’s our choice
follow the rules ethically
or abuse and bully


there’s miracle in virtues
so, don’t be coward to start to be righteous
there’s no way ahead to the liars and thieves


there’re heros who dare to do what’s right and they are the lovers who save this planet

it’s not too late to do the right thing!

if you are on the wrong track, start changing your way back to reality and stop abusing

this is the ethical awareness video to remind those who are abusing good technologies in many crimes activities

may you find your way back to His kingdom

thank you

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