Hearthy transformation to a real world!

tik be quick to be good
tok don’t smoke

tik be brave to be good
tok don’t stalk

tik be rich to be good
tok don’t fog

tik be tip to be good
tok don’t nod

tik be sticky to goodness
tok don’t mock

tik believe to goodness
tok don’t talk

tik be greed in good
tok don’t toss

tik be wit in good
tok don’t odd

tik tok
times rock!
the clocks run

tik tok
God’s talk
please work!

may you work, and your work be good, and may your work give you enough foods

sometimes people lost their morals for the easy lucrative incentives

may you be honest and dare to do the truth

many gratitudes to those who are trying so hard to help the innocent people…

thank you

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