The exotic land full of mystery

The land of gold
The land of mountains
The land of rivers
Once filled with joy and laughters
Once full of peace and tranquility
Once had kings and queens
Where do they gone?
What has happened or is happening
to this land of innocence?
Why are there many unfolded mysteries?
Now the land is having many drugs.
Now the land is captured behind the crime associations.
Now the land is living without knowing what is going on but just exists as under controlled, heavily surveillance situation.

This exotic city in one corner of the south east asia is under pressure of all sorts of trafficking and exploitation. All the people of this land had lost their authority to the foreign intruders such as military coup, and several disguised people who are playing the laws outside of their countries.

Though, the peaceful beautiful people are living in harmony with the strangers who robbed their land.

It’s heartbreaking to know, but this people who have kindness and consideration are always ready to help other people who are in troubles.

They don’t even think the outsiders are exploiting them. They just live harmlessly in harmony with the mountains, rivers.

They are such a charming and lovely people who like to dance and sing.

Though, they can not turn back the time of glory, but they just don’t care anything but just living peacefully.

Oh, how I want to help them to get the good healthcare and education.

God, if I ever have a fair opportunity, I’d help these quiet, peaceful and sacrificing beautiful people.

Many cunning people sucked the wealth out of this land with many outlaws activities.

God, please end this tragedy for the shan people as well as all over the world.

These days, many reckless illegal crimes are happening almost every month. Why? Why can’t we stop exploiting each other? We already have many good technologies to make a better economy that can share the wealth without having to kill each other. Why are we stucking in the disgusted situation? Why?

We, humans, have limited time to tack with the extreme climate disaster. Why not quitting living a stressful life?

May the hidden crimes be ceased.
May there be human rights to every human.

note:this is the video for human rights and climate awareness.

thank you

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