Another year’s end

Another Year’s End
Now winter downs
Fading of the year

And night is long
A settlement of cold
Falling of the snow

From top of the sky
To the streets
To the rooms of houses   
Gathering the frozen wind

From bottom of the heart
To the families
To the loved ones
Sending warm wishes

I’ve known the wind
Telling an icy story
I’ve known the wishes
Hoping another new year

Scenery by water banks
Benches freezing to shake
The late leaves flying down
Frozing slowly one by one

White dancers fluttering
Painting all winter long
Into a glassy lake to glow
Into the most perfect show

As far as eyes can reach
Seeing changeless lands of ice
Like palaces of patience
Like orgels of dreamlands

Gradually step into the future
Guiding by the icy tapestries
A wonder of applauses
Come muffled from above
A New-year is wrangling
To step in with the snow

please enjoy this year end poem with a cute song of a winter romance

time is fast
time is slow
but people grow older and older
time doesn’t stop
time goes on
but people don’t have much time
time is just in mind
what matter is to make the time
a precious moment of truth and kindness

thank you

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