Modern Age

where are we now?
it’s still dark
i can’t go on..
because nothing’s seen ahead
all black and blocked
where are we now?
is it day or night?
where’s the light?
it’s too dim to see
where’s the light?
as long as you stucked in there
and get out of this h…
you won’t see the light
i can’t see the exit
i can’t hear you

please enjoy this video and check out in what era are we living today

some are still in the bronze
but some are stone
and some still unclear where they are

but we want to believe the modern era is the era of no disparity

may you see the light inside your thoughts and actions

this video is dedicated to help the undeveloped part of the world
where the neglected crimes on women and children are still allowed

women’s rights are humans’ rights

thank you

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