Philosophy on defining Who you are? And Who you should be?

When a man judge the other man
It’s like a pig is judging the other pig

When a man mock the other man
It’s like a dog barking at the other dog

When a man define the other man
It’s like a dog is defining the other dog
that hasn’t got the same tail

please enjoy the philosophy on defining who you are in this video

may you see everyone’s truth

don’t spoil other’s life by your point of view

please respect Women and Children of the world! Save the lives of people who have sacrificed for the other people’s prosperity. These days, many tragedy of seeing the minority of the innocent lives were taken by the selfishness. This kind of brutal news are found many years before and why we still have this kind of problems unsolved in the civilized world.
the world has the best tools to fix machines but has no good rules to protect Women and Children of the world..why..

Disparity awareness video.

thank you

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