Another year’s end

Another Year’s End
Now winter downs
Fading of the year

And night is long
A settlement of cold
Falling of the snow

From top of the sky
To the streets
To the rooms of houses   
Gathering the frozen wind

From bottom of the heart
To the families
To the loved ones
Sending warm wishes

I’ve known the wind
Telling an icy story
I’ve known the wishes
Hoping another new year

Scenery by water banks
Benches freezing to shake
The late leaves flying down
Frozing slowly one by one

White dancers fluttering
Painting all winter long
Into a glassy lake to glow
Into the most perfect show

As far as eyes can reach
Seeing changeless lands of ice
Like palaces of patience
Like orgels of dreamlands

Gradually step into the future
Guiding by the icy tapestries
A wonder of applauses
Come muffled from above
A New-year is wrangling
To step in with the snow

please enjoy this year end poem with a cute song of a winter romance

time is fast
time is slow
but people grow older and older
time doesn’t stop
time goes on
but people don’t have much time
time is just in mind
what matter is to make the time
a precious moment of truth and kindness

thank you

Constipation dos and don’ts, Happy holidays & happy abdome tips

During holidays season, there’re many parties and celebrating events.
Eating a lot could make you feel uneasy.
Mindfulness in having balanced meal is a must especially during this time of year.

Here in this video, dos and don’ts for constipation are summaried.

please check it out if you have a syndromes of a pain in the bowel or constipation. The causes are not only due to the wrong pairing foods, but also because of the medication.

happy holidays and happy abdomen:)

thank you

Silent increase inCerebrospinal fluid hypoxia

Silent increase in
Cerebrospinal fluid hypoxia

When the body gets virus infection,
the inner organ’s tissues and vessels are damaged that they could absorb less oxygen.
This causes the brain oxygen insufficiency that leads to hypoxia.

some other concerns,
extreme climate
climate related stress
communication related stress
pandemic stress
economy stress

please find out more on the causes of hypoxia in this video

tips to keep oxygen level stable

sleep well
breathing exercise
jumping exercise
yoga stretch
walking in the open air with no mask on
eat fresh fruits
drink water frequently
don’t sit long
don’t be over stress
don’t over exercise
laugh out loud often
keep ventilation good
keep moisture control
keep room temperature control
stay warm
hot bath
stay away from magneticfield and devices

thank you

Christmas is in the air

The air is tight
With hues of coldness
Though the light of you
Shine bright with surprise
And rich with laughters
And joy with singings
Young hearts beat high
And shoppers busy
And bells are ringing
But silence falls of snow
And there’s fun and play
Ah, well a day

please enjoy this poem in this video with decorated christmas photos and melody

are you busy prepairing for the holidays?
don’t forget to relax and take a deep breath coz Christmas is in the air..

thank you

Modern Age

where are we now?
it’s still dark
i can’t go on..
because nothing’s seen ahead
all black and blocked
where are we now?
is it day or night?
where’s the light?
it’s too dim to see
where’s the light?
as long as you stucked in there
and get out of this h…
you won’t see the light
i can’t see the exit
i can’t hear you

please enjoy this video and check out in what era are we living today

some are still in the bronze
but some are stone
and some still unclear where they are

but we want to believe the modern era is the era of no disparity

may you see the light inside your thoughts and actions

this video is dedicated to help the undeveloped part of the world
where the neglected crimes on women and children are still allowed

women’s rights are humans’ rights

thank you

Philosophy on valuation

humans value the long lasting beauty
humans fight for the eternal treasure
humans crave power to keep them

humans have to have nutrients to keep enjoying them


humans make less efforts to keep their necessity rather than the expensive beauty that is hard to get

please enjoy this philosophy on valuation in this video

thank you

Philosophy on defining Who you are? And Who you should be?

When a man judge the other man
It’s like a pig is judging the other pig

When a man mock the other man
It’s like a dog barking at the other dog

When a man define the other man
It’s like a dog is defining the other dog
that hasn’t got the same tail

please enjoy the philosophy on defining who you are in this video

may you see everyone’s truth

don’t spoil other’s life by your point of view

please respect Women and Children of the world! Save the lives of people who have sacrificed for the other people’s prosperity. These days, many tragedy of seeing the minority of the innocent lives were taken by the selfishness. This kind of brutal news are found many years before and why we still have this kind of problems unsolved in the civilized world.
the world has the best tools to fix machines but has no good rules to protect Women and Children of the world..why..

Disparity awareness video.

thank you

Philosophy on perception and how taking side causes arguments

don’t take side
too much positivity
too much negativity
will lead to arguments

a perception
without consideration
and kindness
can lead to a misconception

a perception
with harmony
and mutual understanding
will be a prosperous solution

please watch and learn how the philosophy of positivity and negativity influence the mind

thank you

Poem for the Cindrella and Aladin

Each moment of the days
Celebrated all alone
In this crowded world

Sometime bore and dare
Sometime cold in despair

Need to be more lighter
To fly above difficulties

Need to be more swift
To gliding up the stairs

A dizzy aspiration
To take to a fantasy
Through rain soaked lilacs
Through a helping heart
To a whole new world
As night descended
As light sparkles
Good blessings reveal

Choices of grace
The sweet gate opened up
And in the darkness shining
And slowly reclining
Found a gentle lark
Awaking of kindness
Touched by the quiet serene
And vein pulsed in speed
Mountains smoked
And oceans swarmed
A throne of joy in the palm
Belonging only to the dear

Speech mixed with words
No language can speak well
Like a language of love
A new sense evolved
A new king is born
And the sky opens
Behind the fate
Lays the first dream

please enjoy the poem of the story for aladin in this video

sometimes birds’ eyes view is better than a narrow minded view

thank you

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