Passion on the eve of eclipse

even the rare eclipse do happens
why not your dream comes true

even the moon once black and once red
why not you be your other you

don’t care the shadows
cause it’s just a while to last

even though there are thousands of full
but a minute of eclipse steals the show

a complex thoughts on the eclipse night
hold tight to your destiny

may your dreams come true

please enjoy the another eclipse poem in this video

uranus and moon eclipse coincidence happened again after 442years

another coincidence will be seen in the next 322years

thank you

Benefits of limestone

natural resources benefits are still hidden to be known in everyway

here in this video, the benefits of natural limestone are summaried

there are many traditional ways to eat limestone by adding to the foods or as a chewing paan in the southern part of asia

may you find the best natural remedy for your daily health

thank you

Healing foods from bible

In God’s instructions to His people in early Bible times, He specified fish from rivers or seas with fins and scales. Fish were a great food staple in Jesus’ day, and at least seven of His disciples were fishermen. On various occasions He ate fish with His disciples, and performed two miracles using a boy’s lunch of small fish and bread loaves to feed thousands of people.


please enjoy more bible foods quotes in this video

happy foods celebrating season

thank you

Quotes on culture, Happy culture day!

It’s a great pleasure to me, having this culture platform of poetry to share

An asian making English poem using kyoto harp music

A westerner enjoying the eastern foods and speaking asian language

An asian boy wearing suit visiting the west

A cross culture exchanging is the richest experience and opportunity to take

A variety of choices and senses to share

Culture is the best prosperous heritage for humanity’s peace and tranquility

please enjoy the quotes on culture by famous identities all around the world

may you find your favourite hobby to enhance the humanity’s culture

thank you

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