My cheer leader by Prith Gude

She was there, when I lost
She was there, when I won
She was there, when I cried
She was there, when I smiled
She was there, she was there
Always with me everywhere

Everyone asks me what do you call her,
Everyone asks me how do you see her,
Everyone tells me that I never leave her,
Everyone reminds me I’m nothing without her


Only I know something,
How she is, when
I went through everything

When I lose,
she took the pain
When I won,
she silently prayed
Whenever I cried,
She held me tight
Whenever I smiled,
She hugged me tight
And told me one thing
That I shouldn’t be bothered by anything

When I look at her,
I knew she’d make my wishes true
Coz She was my shooting star,
And I called her my Cheerleader ♥

by Prith Gude

please enjoy this poem by the video version too

thank you

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