A perfect life story after the storm

The atmosphere’s instability caused by the high and low pressures of isobaric lines is the beginning of every storm

But, no storm lasts forever

Even, there’s the calmest point in the mid of it

There are always the sunny days after the storm

But, no storm is avoidable

A vulnerable human story against natural instability..

Do we need a sunny day after an undefeatable natural power?

Do we need a strength to go through the hardship?

Did we waste the sunny days forgetting to prepare for the coming problems?

Do we forget to enjoy life while the sunshine?

Though, some are safe while some are suffering regardless of the happenings

If so, is it the fate that makes Humans different?

It’s just a mixed jar of assorted varieties with different probabilities

The more exceptional way of living you live, the rare things will happen

If so, to put oneself into the normal environment is the nearest way to be normal

So, as long as you are exceptional, you can’t be normal that always challenges and surprises will be around

It’s easier to be normal but difficult to be exceptional

If the exceptional uniqueness is the born gift, you are destined to live differently

Conclusion on philosophy,

it’s not the environment
it’s not an individual
it’s the gift you granted genetically and spiritually from the unseen unknown creators
that decide your fate

please enjoy the authors’ quotes on humans nature in this video

may you live strongly and never lose your faith in your gifted life purpose

thank you

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