How to fairplay?

Is there such a thing as fairness?
It turns out that the same areas in the brain that make us feel angry, sad, scared, or happy also create our sense of fairness—this means our sense of fairness is a very emotional reaction.

Is life fair to everyone?
Most of us would say that life is not always fair. We have our own set of grouses against people, events, occurrences and circumstances. But every one of us would like to believe that natural justice does exist.

Here are different ideas about fairness:
Sameness: There is the fairness where everything is equal. No one has more than another. Fairness is finding the average and applying it across the board. This is fairness as equality of outcome.
Deservedness: Fairness means keeping what you deserve and deserving nothing if it isn’t earned. Fairness is a rational calculation. This is fairness as individual freedom.
Need: Fairness takes into account the facts that humans have obligations to one another and the more one has the more is demanded of that person to contribute to the common good. Fairness and responsibility are linked. Compassion plays a role in the calculation of fairness. This is fairness as social justice.

please enjoy tips to be fair in this video with final fantasy music

funny points to ponder,
whatever we think fair is never fair at all
when we sacrifice, there’s no end to it
that’s why it’s easier to be ego
it’s time to dare to fair:)

thank you

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