Open Arms

Open Arms
Open arms and let one knows way to reality
Together we can embrace one another all around the world to tranquility
It’s a magnificent time for magnificent things for being together and for one another
In thee loving arms in see the world a new light
A world with open arms a magnificent moment for me and you and for all of us
Come closer and let all see what is the dignity
Open thee arms and heart for you to see the nobel serenity
It’s so easy to receive and release such love with open arms
How do humanity’s short of tenderness and love
How can open arms sooth the pain and bring them smiles
Together with love open arms starts with a peaceful poem
We can share this love, our open arms to the world around us
There’s enough love to go around
Open your arms to all and bless them with a smile
Keep your smiles on your faces, you never know how it save lives
It’s a small world and open arms can reach us all
Together in harmony with love open arms welcomes us all
It’s a magnificent time for magnificent words and actions
Open your arms to your love ones and someone in needs
Plant this seed of connection joy and love
Together it’s a magnificent time for open arms
A poem dedicated for peace and love

please enjoy the poem with beautiful melody in this video

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please enjoy the poem with beautiful melody in this video

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How to fairplay?

Is there such a thing as fairness?
It turns out that the same areas in the brain that make us feel angry, sad, scared, or happy also create our sense of fairness—this means our sense of fairness is a very emotional reaction.

Is life fair to everyone?
Most of us would say that life is not always fair. We have our own set of grouses against people, events, occurrences and circumstances. But every one of us would like to believe that natural justice does exist.

Here are different ideas about fairness:
Sameness: There is the fairness where everything is equal. No one has more than another. Fairness is finding the average and applying it across the board. This is fairness as equality of outcome.
Deservedness: Fairness means keeping what you deserve and deserving nothing if it isn’t earned. Fairness is a rational calculation. This is fairness as individual freedom.
Need: Fairness takes into account the facts that humans have obligations to one another and the more one has the more is demanded of that person to contribute to the common good. Fairness and responsibility are linked. Compassion plays a role in the calculation of fairness. This is fairness as social justice.

please enjoy tips to be fair in this video with final fantasy music

funny points to ponder,
whatever we think fair is never fair at all
when we sacrifice, there’s no end to it
that’s why it’s easier to be ego
it’s time to dare to fair:)

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Look for the good by Jason M with beautiful rain poems

by Jason Mraz
Look for the good in everything, hmm, hmm
Look for the people who will set your soul free
It always seems impossible until it’s done
Look for the good in everyone

Everyone needs sunshine, everyone needs rain
Everyone is carrying around some kind of pain
I see who you are, you’re just like me
I see you’re searching for a purpose, guided by a dream
I see who you are, I’m just like you
I get lost sometimes and I forget what I came here to do
I keep on trying (Keep on trying)

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Digital transformation by Excel

Digital Transformation into the Future

The aim of digital transformation is to connect people, data, and systems to enable greater collaboration, efficiency, and insight. In many ways, spreadsheets have held companies back from these objectives.

With the pandemic, companies realized they needed a digital enterprise to enable remote work, and as conditions evolve, it’s important to have the agility to continually adapt. Toward this end, digital solutions have low- or no-code configuration, so it’s just as simple to setup as spreadsheets, but with governance guardrails that ensure the core design is not wrecked. And with an end-to-end view of data, companies can uncover opportunities to deliver better products faster and more affordably, thus gaining a competitive edge in today’s difficult times.

Written by Tom Brennan

please enjoy further more info. on digital transformation by free excel templates
in this video

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