The moment of achieving

High up in the way I go,With the sky above and the earth below.Each branch is the step of a wonderful stairWhich leads to a fantasy shining up there.
Climbing, climbing, higher and higher,The branches blow and I see a spire,The gleam of a destiny, the glint of a dome,All sparkling and bright, like a diamond home..

please enjoy the moment of achieving poem in this video

excitement and achieving await after every adventure

thank you

A Ⓜ️essage on How to save the world from extreme climate challenges

Make electricity while the sunshines

Save water while it rains

Use solar panels while it’s sunny

Collect water while it’s rainy

Not all the roofs has solar panels

Not all the land has enough water reservoirs

The precious sunny day ends with fussing in sweaty way

The valuable water drains in floods for it can’t go where it’s needed

Airconditions much more than solars, oh how not prudent

Rivers and drainage trenches are too narrow and shallow to hold the heavy rains caused by the extreme weather, that drains the bulldozers away?

Yes, in the ancient days, people make hay while the sunshine

Todays, people make so many ways that needed to focus on the most priority ie., to make use of the natural free resources

people do have very good technologies but the barrier of lacking paper cash and notes, :), people can’t use while it’s the urgent time to use

Think! i just humbly think! what if all the paper cash and notes could turn into solars and water reservoirs for every household???

what is the BEST power of using money for?

the most effective way to use paper notes is to turn them into the basic humans’ necessity to a stable level?

donate the people suffered by the disaster is too late

prevention is better than cure

TO BE SMART humans, TO HAVE A SMART climate solution, every house must have sun and water reservoirs system

Pray for A SMATER World!!!

humans <<< natural phenomenons

but by just paper notes, people can change the world, in deed, if they really dare to DO, 🙂

humans + paper notes >>> natural disasters

Be inspired to shape our resident, the earth, by a new way of monetary system to deal with the alarming extreme climate prones problems

thank you for reading

please spread this message and love to all around you

many energy, many water, many lands..

why there’s energy shortage, water shortage, and homelessness on earth?

no saving, but just spend thrifting and buying spree?

time to awake from imprudentness, jmho

Famous quotes on Vitality

B.H. Liddell Hart (2015). “Why Don’t We Learn from History?”, p.77, Lulu Press, Inc

Vitality springs from diversity — which makes for real progress so long as there is mutual toleration, based on the recognition that worse may come from an attempt to suppress differences than from acceptance of them. For this reason, the kind of peace that makes progress possible is best assured by the mutual checks created by a balance of forces-alike in the sphere of internal policy and of international relations.

please enjoy the quotes with piano melody

thank you

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