From a miracle to a special moment

Memories walk in beauty,

Like the night of cloudless climes,

And twinkling like starry skies,

And all that’s best of dark and bright,

Meet an aspect of the windows eyes,

Thus mellowed to that tender light,

Which heaven to a gaudy bright,

Memories leap up from the heart,

To behold the fruity arch,

So was it when a life began,

So is it now a heaven blends.

Golden slumbers lit the breath,

A timeslip dreamy fairy sweet,

Smiles wide awake indeed,

In a sleepy, pretty wantons, lullabi,

Do not cry to a nightmare freak,

Till the sun is shining big,

To start a day sounds and fit,

With the dawn of triumph wit,

A splendid form of exotics,

But out in the dark what is left,

Whilst the fantastic cloud hath mask’d.

please enjoy this poem with the song named Dawn by Maarten S.

Thanks to a poetry
My world is brightend
With many words of wonder
Thanks to a knowledge
My hope still shines
With many works of wonder
Thanks to a miracle
My world is flavored
With many precious encounters

Thank you

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