Amiss Entangled Moment To Accomplish

As time pours and hides entangles,
Thinking of all the failures.
A flash of reaching to,
A falling out of choosing to.

As imagination pours and touches memories,
Thinking of how could have been made.
What would happen if a little switch?
What would happen if already knew what has amiss?

As the brain pours and drenches cortex,
Thinking of many whys amiss.
Hoping that as the training goes away,
To come back and stay another hopeful day.

please enjoy this poem with the driving music

what are you doing?
where are you heading?
where am i moving?
what are we doing?
where are we heading to?
but there’s always Amiss somehow
that’s the way humans’ perform
this vulnerable experience amid of life
every one do walk the same way
still we, humans are in the mid of imperfection
what about a little switch to the right side?
how much can we achieve if we do?
to take humanity to another destiny..

thank you

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