Thinking philosophically on what is limit?

a philosopher
thoughts over spilling
thinking out loud
what’s really mean as a meaning
in fact everything is existing
not just for a reason
but just an outcome of bursting incidents
nothing really has a meaning
but humans
psychologically weakbones
try to find every meaning
in every way
but easy and peaceful way is
taking nothing seriously
and take no serious in everything
so what is limit?
non sense or essential?
when there’s no limit when needed
there’s limit when meaningless
it’s just a humanitarian limit of the brain?


humans need to update
so many beliefs and rules
which merely make sense
especially in this special era
of nonstop information

cost limit?
regulations limit?
out of resources?
brain’s delusions?

sometimes, writing down the brain’s claims help a lot to stay calm or to reset

please enjoy the poem on limit philosophy
in this video

thank you

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