Repeating sustainability

To a sparkle lit

Aspired in a silent mood

Offering within the warmth

Laying in the soft light

Memories loud in ears

The plight of a gentle song

Out of rubbles to reluctance

Emotion far-flung with thunders

Down for a tender within

The passive thoughts’ gone

Veiled under this life’s home

The brilliant beauty that stuns

For ages and days

Every start starts again

please enjoy the song in this video

love goes on
life goes on
a circle of life, love, sustainable humans
go on ..

thank you

Bibles quotes to remember

when i know how to enjoy suffering
when i learn to know suffering is not to suffer
it’s a stair to master the mind to a peaceful state
why still i can’t save many from suffering?
how we need God so much
when one corner of the world is fine
when the other corner is dry
when another place is so bribed
when the other part is smart
when many questions arise
why ..

please enjoy some bibles that praise God, the almighty, the only savior of humanity

to master the mind, is the only way

thank you

Advantages and Disadvantages of printing Money

Paper money, if it is issued and regulated carefully, is without any disadvantage. All countries issue paper currency, and, in normal times, they do not suffer from it in any manner. Besides, fiscal advantages of printing the paper currency are undoubtedly very great, especially in times of national emergencies like a war. A modern war cannot be prosecuted by taxes or loans alone. All governments have to resort to the printing press.

Only when it is over-issued, it becomes a great danger. It may cause discontent among the masses. When paper money is over-issued, there is inflation and prices rise. It hits hard several important sections of the people like workers and fixed- encomiasts. The people might lose confidence in the currency and it might become useless. Such a situation arose in many countries during and after World War I.

please check the advantages and disadvantages of printing money

the world is in the dilemma of keeping value or sustainability

the world is hard hit by the pandemic and still many consequences are clinging..

how to solve?

may peace be on earth..

thank you

Study on the Probability of Success & Failure

To satisfy wo success
Try to the best to fail several times
Act the success
Be the successful personality
Take the SMART risk

Many options to choose

Choosing the suitable option is the shortcut to a satisfied life

There are many happy and satisfied life that is possible without any successful achievement

Anyway, something’s always amiss

Nothing’s perfect

Nothing’s satisfied

Learn to accustom to any challenges in life and accept to make the most out of rainy days is the best way to enjoy life

please test your success score in this video

you’ll find out that nobody get all types of success

we have different brain patterns and different way of achievement

we are made to be successful in our best unique way individually

others’ success story is not your goal

and your goal is not others ‘ successful goal

don’t stress yourselves with many competitive infos around you

so, relax and know your best to relax and enjoy life

thank you

Amiss Entangled Moment To Accomplish

As time pours and hides entangles,
Thinking of all the failures.
A flash of reaching to,
A falling out of choosing to.

As imagination pours and touches memories,
Thinking of how could have been made.
What would happen if a little switch?
What would happen if already knew what has amiss?

As the brain pours and drenches cortex,
Thinking of many whys amiss.
Hoping that as the training goes away,
To come back and stay another hopeful day.

please enjoy this poem with the driving music

what are you doing?
where are you heading?
where am i moving?
what are we doing?
where are we heading to?
but there’s always Amiss somehow
that’s the way humans’ perform
this vulnerable experience amid of life
every one do walk the same way
still we, humans are in the mid of imperfection
what about a little switch to the right side?
how much can we achieve if we do?
to take humanity to another destiny..

thank you

Gratitude to a boundless love

All are indebted much to thee,
But far more than all,
From many a thousand care,
And raised from many a fall.
Overwhelm, from above,
Daily, with thy boundless love.

Thy love is such can no way repay,
The heavens reward thee manifold,
I pray.
Then while in love let’s preserve,
That when life may live ever.

If gratitude a man’s virtue is,
’Tis one at least a soul can afford.
From sacrifices to all many’s charities,
Let gratitude be to the Lord.

Deep in the life of a soul has wrought
With a rare essence to ever imbue inside
Thank thee, for the beautiful thought
That in words well chosen thou gavest to…

please enjoy the poem with sweet melody in this video

love has only one side that is love
it’s harmless to love

thank you

To a planet filled with loving kindness

Always The First Experience

There is a kind ladder unrolled
across the lovely land
There is that leaning over
the big bright sky 
Of the hopeless fusion
of the presence and absence 
The secret of loving nature
is always unknown for the first time
The newest fresh experience
that prevails most of the time
The fantasy of finding sprouts
in surprise, all around
Only seen and feel by those
who has a caring mind
Only experience by those
who is gentle and sweet
Only those who has a loving way
can do and spread kindness

please be kind to everyone around you
to make a planet filled with love

thank you

Benefits of Zinc

Just a few zinc can treat most severe diseases

But just a few zinc less than 5% in the body, can cause several chronic syndromes

The miracle of the human body, created by God, the almighty, is very sensitive to function well for longevity without a well balanced nutrients

Knowing what is insufficient in the body is essential for effective treatment or to keep a healthy life

A piece of zinc is a magic treatment, that will cure almost all of the unknown long suffering symptoms

Please check it out how zinc is beneficial physically and mentally

zinc is the most vital mineral that is required to keep immunity resistance
especially in the pandemic era

ie…how serious malnutrition problem is? how serious is the poverty, starvation issue?
the insufficiency in zinc lead to producing humans with less viral resistance.
the pandemic already proved the humanity’s less resistance nowadays.

it’s time to rethink harmonious sustainable way of living a healthy life for every human

a healthy world is a healthy community with a healthy food supply for its people

thank you

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