The necessity

the real you

‘ve seen by the sadness
‘ve seen by the happiness

without you
there would be no emotion
only silent space

‘ve seen all the reality
‘ve seen the tears
‘ve seen the smiles

without you
there would be only space

‘ve seen all glamerous
‘ve seen all difficulties
still see everything is as beautiful

without you
there would be nothingness

‘ve seen a whole life
‘ve seen goods and bads
either way you are patient

without you
there would be no kindness
an without you there would be no you
to observe the life

please enjoy the poem with the melody in this video

thank you

Sentimental moment of time

A time we have
A time we share
A time of sentiment
A time we live
A time we hope
A time we dream
A time not yet come
The best time of all

But the pasts
We experienced
We achieved
We cherished
We made
We overcome
We never forget

We have been through all these times as long as we live

Some make success
Some make love
Some make future
Some slip away chances

Nomatter what
Time is infinite
Life is just pieces of time

May you find the best part of life, though it’s just a moment of time granted for every good time

May you be strong enough in this long journey of hardship

Thank you


living in the past
never ending memories
haunting day by day
pray and prey to illusions
to escape free
from thoughts of unreal
silently surrender
in the hands of Thee
To worship the super power

please enjoy the poem of moments in our life journey

thank you

Speechless numbness in freedom

ways to interact
pieces of thoughts
scattered all around
a dead emotion
revoke in a zombie heart

a deep breath
just a deep breath
refresh all hatred
into a loving brag

please enjoy the poem of speechless in freedom

may your glorious time be real in meditation abstaining from illusions

thank you

Study on web 3

everything has good and no good sides
thinking about the webs
how it improves humanity
how influenced impact to humans
incredibly goodness we experience
but on the other side
the unseen cons we have to face
the sophisticated incidents
the unintended accidents
the curious insecurities
how do we cope with them?
isn’t it time to know the truth
to set each other’s freedom
to define the real security
which is the reality
that everyone likes www
but when all the secrets revealed
the insecurities waning to mundane?
or do we need to fix this mess..
how to..

please watch the video about the pros and cons of web 3

thank you

Sweet Prize Poems For Trying

Sweet Prize Poems For Trying
Trying is not easy.
Not trying is easy.
Keeping perseverance calls
for more effort.
Trying has its own special challenges that you might not know,
how to lead it to success at first.
What should you do
when you are likely to giving up?
Fake it as it will happen sooner or later.
Learning to deal with these challenges,
to peacefully resolve differences
and communication,
makes it even more fruitful than those first few butterflies you felt in your stomach.
Effort that is truely will lasts,
is worth making sacrifices for.
It is a challenge worth living up to.

please enjoy the sweet prize poem for trying in this video

Thank you

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