The most essential thing for the sustainability of the ecosystem

who is better ?
who is winner?
no one

every living on earth has its own purpose to contribute the harmony of the ecosystem

every living thing is sacrificing its freedom in anyway to contribute the cycles of life

no guilt as long as it’s God’s will

but it’s a broken contribution if it’s against the perfect harmony..

what is humanity’s goal?
foods for tomorrow ?
foods for many generation?
how many generations will continue to live healthily?

dying fast has more dignity than having full bags of guilty foods..

though, dignity means nothing for the universe

just a burst or bubble of life, on this earth in this Solar System was created as a result of the extreme event of an exploding star nearly five billion years ago

but life is a matter of living and suffering and struggling against eternity of the universe

what’s sustainability?
is making a living a commit guilt to sustainability?
what is green?
what’s CO2?
what’s O2?
what matters?

humans are punishing and killing each other to keep a living which is to sustain
but the punishing and killing itself is not a sustainability

as long as a snake completes its duty, no measure is required to aware sustainability

though pests are no pests for ecosystem but humans call them pests..

but it’s the end when there is a greedy living thing..
the end of sustainability..

if the sustainability ends,
humanity’s over,
is it the end of the struggling?
is it just a run away or giving up to strive to keep humanity on earth?
so if this is so, a pile of treasure for the next next generation is just a pile of no owners..

making a living is simple,
but it’s complicated to sustain,
but the only way to sustainability is simple,
but the hottest burning on earth is just a simple EGO to eternity of a thirst to wellbeings,


please enjoy the philosophical and psychological cycles of EGOs

may you find peace of mind in your hearts and it’s a Godly thing if there’s a spark of kindness and egoless caring mentality from the bottom of your souls

may love sustains our peace of mind

thank you

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