Voiceless eagerness

Words can’t express in real time
Nobody could foreseen happiness
No words in poetry to define secret
All for the plain real uniqueness
To be clear to bestow the joyfulness
A blessing thanks to holiness

A duty of always to be the lame
To deserve the prompt tame
The art to lift the skillfulness
Everywhere seems possible
To be clear to bestow the quest
A challenging gifts to glorious

Regardless of how well managed
The luck that lurks within
Is a mystic elusive inspiration
That is the mind flawless
To be clear to bestow the best
A creative spirit to boldliness

To focus on resources
Nothing leave clueless
Aware of grate lavishness
The urge to craft own way
To be clear to bestow the knowledge
An awareness to hopefulness

All have a role to play in families
Embracing closeness etenally
Allow destiny will be harmless
To retain the great of cultures
To be clear to bestow the admiration
A communication to graciousness

The wave of disparity unveiled
A calling to tactfulness
Sparkled the thoughtfulness
Consider the level of attentiveness
To be clear to bestow a relationship
A warm-heartedness to gleefulness

please enjoy this poem in video version with electroacoustic music

thank you

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