Study on self deception #self deception advantages and disadvantages

Study on self deception #self deception advantages and disadvantages

Someone who is slightly delusional and thinks that things are the best all around?Or someone who sees every flaw and mistake in most cases?
People who see the world more clearly, are less happy and satisfied than individuals who engage in positive self deception.
Simply put, people who do not engage in positive self deception are difficult to deal with hardships. Such individuals are more likely to focus mistakes and dwell on problems.
As such, lying to one’s self, to a certain extent, is useful when it comes to live unstressed life.
Self deception helps people cope with life’s problems, it helps people maintain a positive self-concept, and it helps most engaging cases get along better.
Unfortunately, there are many examples of people who have built illusions; illusions which end up being costly to maintain in the long run.
To a certain extent, relationships could not survive without some level of self-deception. But too much optimism or denial, can be just as costly.
The trick is to engage in self-deception in order to see the best in a partner without letting self-deception create too much vulnerability.

May you find the best balancing in your self deception processes

Thank you

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