Inspiration for a trying mind

As time flows gently
Sailing away in memories
Each rising sun seems brighter
Love the way trying everyday
Young at heart like beavers
Trying trying trying many years
Holding and adoring difficulties

Ideas shine with the sparkles
Like precious diamond skies
Each passing opportunity to take
To reach to a new moon destiny
Beyond the milky way beckons
Love most of all, it’s no lie in trying
Faraway universal dream fulfilled

An offerings laid before you
Can you remember that
These are our resources
Sending from above, God
When we live when we breath
Every minute is granted
Until the soul screams to success

Only a silent warm whisper
From God can heal each heartbeat
Realizing every heartbeat
How much creations bind
Every oxygen as we breathe
As one team warmly
The heart, the mind, body and soul

United under one tree
Thousands of doves sing
Every minute in blessings embrace Even the smallest grain is it
Humanity’s love for each other
Has always been truely touched
By the divine presence, God

please enjoy this poem with rap song in th video link below

yes, trying is how you are trying to be patient?

thank you

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