The unweavable woven piece of wool

Communication tricks
By many a languages
Every day is anewed
But languages are the same

Every happening is expressed
As in the languages frame
Some happening is in vagueness
Where there is no unique language

Though languages are the way
The sole expression ever have
Meanings and definitions
Increased in daily bases

But the purpose still is the same
To use as a guidance
Through misundersting field
Of sensitive communication

Love in disguised verses
Disappeared in negativities
Though love thrives yield
Kept in every little field

Under the negative shadow
Still love grows strongly
To spread the light of hope
To keep the faith in mind

A no perfect simple word
Is only have connective power
Adding and exaggeration
Cover the truth in words

Decorative way of expression
Whirl around making noises
Dependency on communication
Which is getting sophisticated

Nothing but a contingency
Every word has an architecture
Of truth and realiy in core
To make a divine craft

Cause and effect
Effort and result
Action and reaction
All are set already

As how communication leads
Wonder how many words
Of negativity and toxicity
In our dictationaries

Why they exist and of use
To widen positivity
More vocabularies needed
In our dictationaries

To build positivity arounds
To find ways back to purity
Many choices in hands
But it’s just a confusion

A pile of misunderstanding
A box of chaos and mess
Talking and walking
To an emptiness

Know no left or right
Nothing can be grasped
It’s just a writing mess
Perception complexity

Grows in multiplication
Words of thoughts
Thoughts of words
A string of broken messages

A tired poetic sense
Earnestly try to quench
The quizes in pools of puzzles
Battling to make peace

To read to understand
Is to get a clear vission
Or what is to composite
If it’s a poor description

Language is a place
To the number of distribution
To explain the reality inside
Not to make a bad meaning

Though memories screw up
As time proceeds
Many tire digging up
To bring up some secret meaning

From the very bottomost
The loudest takes the show
Make things grow speedily
Hiding the soft notes

Many knowledge teaches
But most are molded
In the reigns of nonfreedom
Which pave a minority’s stage

Treasures of fine particles
Remain unusable
The windows to prosperity
Always open in wide

Forgetting and forgiving
Is the art of unweavable
With our dictationaries
Only it’s a God’s ability

Thinking outside of the box
Of limited communication libraries
Many moral barriers afaced
With an increasing entropy

Forgetting and forgiving
Is the art of unweavable
With our dictationaries
Only it’s a God’s ability

There’s many many
Dainties delicatoes exquisitoes
A huge opportunity tree

With ugly disguised flowers
Of the eternity beauty instead
O’ this is no empty universe
Filled with goodness

Please enjoy the poem song in this video

Self awareness in mind and action

thank you

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