Lucky new year bells

Ring the happy new bells,

To the wild new open air.

The flying cloud, the frosty roads,

A new year is marching once again.

Ring the happy new bells,

And let the people joy again.

Ringing bells across the snow,

The year is starting to grow.

Ringing to the happy mind,

For all people rich and poor.

Ringing to bless all mankind,

Slowly swaying through the time.

With the gentle manner of chimes,

To care to the sweetness divine.

Ding Dong the bells say,

In the coldness of the days.

The beautiful bright bells,

Ring in the love of golden ware.

Ring in the love of goodness,

Ring in the love of truthfulness.

Ring in all the humans to be free,

With the kind hearts and hands.

Give lights to all the ends,

Bring in the Christ to all the lands.

Ring in the thousand years of peace.

Please enjoy this song in the attached video link.

Thank you.

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