A sharing culture creates a lot of values on the web

about the lovely habbit of sharing
we share our daily happenings
we search for the sharing information
we grow every day learning information
a lovely communication society
how will you use?
how would you wish to take this great opportunity?

it’s lucky to get any information instantly on the web

so do many miracles on encountering with people of the same interest

please enjoy the study on sharing psychology and benefits in this video

thank you

Panorama of the beautiful heaven on earth with symphony

nature’s free to watch
nature’s for everyone
nature’s no limit
nature’s no boundaries
nature’s freedom
nature’s uncontrollable
nature’s strong
nature’s the most powerful
nature’s priceless
nature’s timeless treasure
nature’s endless
nature’s changing forever
nature’s never stopping
nature’s evolution
nature’s transforming

who creates nature?

please enjoy the once upon a time symphony with beautiful nature’s photos

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Exist or Nothing? Chicken and egg in thinking philosophy

Some say this or that

Some say this or that

Some say this or that

Who is who as an identity?

Nothing is right
Or nothing is wrong

So many philosophies
So many philosophers
So many truths
Where to start?;(

But we all start from the mothers’ wombs..
Love exists
Others are just illusions

What to choose?
Lovers or haters

Peace or …

Many love news?
Where’s the weapon news?


Lovers in tears
But fighters fierce


This planet is full of people who have mothers of their own who love them

But why can’t we stop fighting?

What are we fighting for?

A piece of income? A piece of paper?


Take it easy.
Life is short to hate.
Love to love lovely people:)

Please enjoy the video about various philosophies

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