Jolly’s dream comes true

It’s a jolly holly season
Santas are everywhere,
Busy cheering people
With their presents.
But Jolly never finds
Any santas around,
Because it’s not his turn
To meet with Santa.
He keeps searching
and searching,
For the holly dreams
To see and greet Santa.
It’s 23rd of December
So he sets his alarmer,
To wake him up at six
Tik Tik Tik Tik.
Jingle jingle rings the bells
But he wakes up on the 25th,
Hurridly runs to dress up
Don’t know he misses a day.
Then there is a santa!
Infront of Jolly!
Oh! Holly Jesus Christ!
What a surprise!
There finally you are!
Right infront of me!
In the MIRROR!
ho ho ho ho..
Jolly laughes

may your X’mas dream comes true

merry Christmas

thank you

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