Adventure of 2021

it’s December
2021 has almost completed
its round for a year
what’s the achievement?
what’s remaining to do?
what’s missing?
what’s in the mind?
what’s the difficulties?
what is going on?
what is in the future?
many retrospections
in the head, thoughts
are lingering about
no time to slip back
no time is waiting
having no time
but many time ahead
what we have is NOW
to make it worth
but sometimes
it’s better
living out of the time
freed yourselves
from the time consciousness
to have what is freedom
from the worldly zone
and start to live
in the space of infinity
loose from the loops
of many limitations
because you are intrepid

this planet is making 2021 better than 2020
hope it’ll be better next year
wishing and waiting for a new year and a new experience

please enjoy this poem in this video

thank you

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