The last words…

looking back,

there i saw,

eleven pasts.

look ahead,

there i see,

many returns.

days go on,

years change,

still i am in these,

twelve chains.

when the leaves fall,

and covered by snow,

when there is closing,

and many cleaning,

there you will find me,

i am December.

it’s blessed,

there’s Christmas,

though i am at last.

it’s sad,

on the last day,

for i will be away.


there’s January.

it will come along,

with a slow storm,

wish no to, blizzard.

it will give you,

a lesson of life,

to enjoy the snow,

when it’s winter.

don’t long for summer,

because it won’t come,

together with January.

are you ready?

to meet January,

be prepare for it,

will you be the old you?

or will you be a new you?

what will you take along?

ps. don’t forget December.

for it always leaves us to be renewed.

please enjoy December’s words in this video

thank you

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