Poem for patience

Learn to be patience,
Watch the quiet-moving hours,
Slowly beneath the hard winter,
Until hours form the spring.

To-day the heart is locked in the icy hands.
To-morrow, and to-morrow, dreary boughs will flaunt the leaves in mockery of trying life.

The ground stubbornness is adamant.
No juices run sweet in every vulnerable turn.

The chain of silence in patience.
But patience!
By a hair’s breadth time to grow,
The whirling globe turns nearer to the sun.

And patience!
By a hair’s breadth moment to fly,
Along the deepest steep.

Slowly drop by drop the sluggish chaos stirred in complicated way.
Through nature’s high and low veins.
The soft glittering light takes
on insensibly to show the hope.

The meadow softens through the waiting mind.
Delicious thrills anticipate the fake spring.

For the Life, the Life to live
The Life that leads to generosity,
The Life that broods humanity, and spreads the prosperity.

In ceaseless waves running to every shore,
Has filled the with the power to overcome struggles.

In any corner of this universe,
Shall live with patience 
Shall be silent for all serenity
So shall I face the warmth
So shall the storm or drought end
So shall I know the shallowness of life,
To know the deepest meaning of life.

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