How to manage a family’s financial risk in the age of corona virus endemic

Many unemployment cases are rising around the world especially in the poor countries. Many people are in danger of starvation and many others are on the verge of it.

The supporting security of the poors is breaking down as many developed countries could not support as before since they are having their own corona endemic problems.

Only a few of the countries recover from the corona pandemic recession.
How about the remaining…?
Many voices and lives are sinking into neglects…No sos is heard and attended..It’s a tragedy period of having no solution against the global stable income crisis.

Pray for those of all around the world who are struggling for the basic necessities..

Ways to cope with the individuals’ finance are summarized in this video.

Thank you


Recessions are caused by a complex combination of factors, including high interest rates, low consumer confidence, and stagnant wages or reduced real income in the labor market, etc.

Recession indicators:

  • Rising in unemployment
  • Rises in bankruptcies, defaults, or foreclosures
  • Falling interest rates
  • Lower consumer spending and consumer confidence
  • Falling asset prices, including the cost of homes and dips in the stock market
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