Quotes on refresh

You can’t change who you are,
but you can change what you have in your head,
you can refresh what you’re thinking about,
you can put some fresh air in your brain.

please enjoy the beautiful scenery with quotes on refreshing

sometimes, without refreshing, repetition of routines is boring and it will be difficult to be mindfulness

may you get your best performance

Thank you

How to save humanity?

together humans rush
to make dreams
to realize as ego reins
who will reach the goal
fast and faster
and who will be the fastest
together we humans
crashing each other
into pieces and pieces
in the end no one wins
but we long to win
in the game of ego

do you know how to get the dream?

no one has the best answer..yet..

because, the answer is the alphabets
each one has in the heart that can spell right only when all individuals are gathering together to make the meaning of togetherness

it’s time to spell peace, love and harmony

may there be a better day in every tomorrow

Thank you

humanity’s failures

bees live as long as flowers exist
but many are picked
birds live as long as crops exist
but many are electrified wired
big fishes live as long as small fishes exist
but many are in the net
humans live as long as incomes
but many skills are outdated

existential threat to humanity..
just alive is not guaranteed to live..
many systems outdated to cover
the modern crisis..

may those who are in the situation of crisis find the nearest saviors asap

Thank you

Keep trying poem

trying to understand
trying to convince
trying to be stable
in the toss around
lost and found
of unknown

hustle and fail
rattle and frail
justice habbit
gains nothing
dance the wrong
or die the right

pushing through
all the might
all the strength
pray every night
until trying teaches
what it really is

if you are trying to fly, may you find the right wings, don’t let you kept capturing inside your mind not daring to try for what you are meant to be as God will, only freedom could set us free and be our true selves

please enjoy the trying poem with the beautiful angle’s trying to fly song

Thank you

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