Love Is The Only Measure Of Humanity

Humanity is not chemistry
You don’t need chemical bonds to be human
Or a big chest of chemical equations to know your heart
It’s not normal to neglect each other
Neither is it fair to ignore each other
Humanity stands on the pedestal of history
Not because human beings possess the qualities of superheroes
Or because mankind is a community of angelic beings
Humanity stands on the pedestal of history
Because mankind is capable of unconditional Love
A love that is deep and unrestrained flows through our veins
A love that knows no boundaries of race, tribe or religion
A love that sees beauty in the ugliest of situations
A love that surpasses the perimeter of logic
It’s this love that gave birth to humanity
In the womb of our Creator
Love was the first born
And Human beings followed
It’s upon us to look deep inside our being
And excavate through the many years of existence
It’s upon us to be human
Humanity is the sacred mist that flows from being human
Enveloping everything in its path
Humanity is like a razor sharp blade
That paves the path of Love
Opening channels from one heart to another
Creating a mysterious path for Love
To flow from one person to another
Until we are all brimming with humanity
Until we are all full of the sanctified existence
And our hearts are overflowing with joy
Humanity is the path that our ancestors treaded on
And it is inside this path that we share our sorrows and joys
Our victories and our defeats are monuments on this path
Our sweat and tears are solidified on the floor of this path
Our footsteps are forever embroidered on this path
Humanity is our common destiny
And Love is the only measure of our humanity

by Kenneth M

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Thank you

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