action, reaction and interaction,
matter and universe,
all are in the same warp surrounding.
light eats darkness out,
darkness eats light off,
fishes eat small fishes,
humans eat fishes,
carnivores eat herbivores.
rain turns to water,
water turns to sea,
sea turns into vapor,
vapor turns to rain clouds.
something is changing into something.
it’s sustainability of life cycle
that repeat countless ages.
the matter sphere of the earth
has gravity to attract.
the universe has stronger
blackhole to attract.
when will the earth be eaten by this giant mystery?
this phenomenon of ineraction, formation, wearing and deterrioration, a cycle of life harmony
happen endlessly.
a particle of human, what a tiny scale?
though, human thinks problems are too big which are no problems at all.
the teleportation are all around
the visible or the invisible.

what matter is, no matter at all.

the joy of having a life to live is the pleasure to know how nature works and enjoying being part of it.

the emotional part of life is that it is no immortal.

the best God’s message is that eventually the souls will be free and the same types will gather again to interact harmoniously again..

the flesh, the materials, will be gone but the unseen magical existence that are beyond humans cognition
will go on.

my point to life is, it’s a process of filtering the unseen quality.

humans are under training to be a more stable immaterial souls.

nomatter what, we will meet with whom are of the near or same quality and will meet with the different types of immaterial to be polished into a better one.

so, human meets human for a reason.

this interaction will upgrade or degrade each other.

what matter is not to matter the wordly manners but to Godly manner to polish one’s immaterial growth.

please enjoy the study on gravity in this video

Thank you

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