Study on red blood cells

Blood is a body fluid in humans and other animals that delivers nutrients and oxygen to the cells and transports metabolic waste products away from those same cells.

Plasma of blood which constitutes 55% of blood fluid, is mostly water 92% and contains proteins, glucose, mineral ions, hormones, carbon dioxide and blood cells.

The right amount of blood cells are required to keep the body’s healthy metabolism.

Less red blood cells count means less nutrient reaching to cells and less cell waste is removed.

The importance of the blood and foods to eat for keeping the amount of blood are shared in this video.

Please enjoy and take care of your health.

Thank you.

How to build spiritual strength

spiritual existence
less understood
but it’s the real one
that will last forever

humanity is mortal
but the immaterial
the spiritual souls
will live as long as
God’s planned life

the spiritual strength
is the goal to achieve
the higher enlightenment
to exist as near as
the pure state of sacred
spiritual existence
to abide as God’s will

please enjoy the video of how to strengthen the spiritual existence

may you find the spiritual wealth especially when the materials world is creeping

Thank you


A yell to humans
Life travellers
Keep on marching
A spiritual journey
A physical journey
Daily on and off
Right or wrong
Win or fail
Happy or sad
Get or lose
Patience or dare
Whatever however
Days and nights rotates
The best way to live
Is to live to be loved
And love to be kind
To make humanity’s
Journey a bit easier
For each other..

Please enjoy the day and night poem in this video with a good chilling melody.

May your days be filled with loving kindness.

Thank you.

Study of ways to deal with covid symptoms

Is pandemic still going on?
Yes, in the poor countries…
Intentionally or unintentionally?
Viruses are infecting many people..
Vaccination, will it win?
Or, will the poor people lose?

In this video, you can learn some important knowledge of how to deal with this infection. Ps. Just info. Not professional advice.

To me..this pandemic teaches me of how vulnerable the physical or material world…seeing no end in it.

So,, I make up my mindset to not fear any worldly disasters which humans have no solutions to it.

I focus on building my mind in the immaterial world ie. Sharing kindness and important mindset or strength to go on.

May you find peace of mind in whatever the situation.

Thank you.

healthy green for the eyes

it’s sunny and bright
the heat is maximized.
this time of day
when we are in the shade
wrapped up by the green,
dark green bamboo trees,
it’s the coolest experience.
the virtual bamboo healing
with the sweet melody
is to give you a chill
for a sound mind reality

please enjoy the bamboos’ color in this video

Mario’s pipelines remind me of the bamboo’s color:) it’s 7:22h before the Olympic ceremony

Thank you


action, reaction and interaction,
matter and universe,
all are in the same warp surrounding.
light eats darkness out,
darkness eats light off,
fishes eat small fishes,
humans eat fishes,
carnivores eat herbivores.
rain turns to water,
water turns to sea,
sea turns into vapor,
vapor turns to rain clouds.
something is changing into something.
it’s sustainability of life cycle
that repeat countless ages.
the matter sphere of the earth
has gravity to attract.
the universe has stronger
blackhole to attract.
when will the earth be eaten by this giant mystery?
this phenomenon of ineraction, formation, wearing and deterrioration, a cycle of life harmony
happen endlessly.
a particle of human, what a tiny scale?
though, human thinks problems are too big which are no problems at all.
the teleportation are all around
the visible or the invisible.

what matter is, no matter at all.

the joy of having a life to live is the pleasure to know how nature works and enjoying being part of it.

the emotional part of life is that it is no immortal.

the best God’s message is that eventually the souls will be free and the same types will gather again to interact harmoniously again..

the flesh, the materials, will be gone but the unseen magical existence that are beyond humans cognition
will go on.

my point to life is, it’s a process of filtering the unseen quality.

humans are under training to be a more stable immaterial souls.

nomatter what, we will meet with whom are of the near or same quality and will meet with the different types of immaterial to be polished into a better one.

so, human meets human for a reason.

this interaction will upgrade or degrade each other.

what matter is not to matter the wordly manners but to Godly manner to polish one’s immaterial growth.

please enjoy the study on gravity in this video

Thank you

it’s sea day

it’s sea day
to enjoy the sea
strolling along the palms
feeling the salty breez
surfing with the wind
watching the dancing waves
sparkling of the sun’s spot
gazing till the night comes
waiting for the moonlit sea
to enjoy the quiet sea speaks
secretly the moon hides
amongst the airy surfaces
bright here and there
telling the story of diamonds
raging in the black velvet sea

please enjoy the photos illusions for the beautiful sea

may your summer holidays be safe and sound, happy and healthy

Thank you

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