Tips for healthy gut

disturbed or disappointed by the recent virus out break?

afraid of bacteria and virus more?

not sure how to fight back the unseen microbes?

God has already created the best disinfect and anti inflammation system in humans’ guts.

good bacteria, microorganisms are the best fighters against the harmful microorganisms.

but, the modern living style, work life, foods and beverages systems make the guts weaker and weaker.

the more delicious foods we persue, the more gut damage we have.

natural foods are the best choice to help the guts.

without a healthy gut, we will lose in microorganisms attacks.

please check more health advice for your gut in this video.

may your good germs love you!

Thank you.

Study on vitamin K

How daily nutrient intake could have a huge impact on our metabolism and resistance?

Every nutrient plays an important role in its own way.

Our duty is to take most of them into our body cleverly by arranging menu of a healthy diet.

Here in this video, the influence and importance of the vitamin K is summarized according to my finding of daily internet surfing study.

please watch and mind yourselves to take vitamin K, the required amount for your body.

This is not a professional advice. Just for study and information to share.

Thank you.

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