A new generation

humanity awareness

mathematical singularity:
zero or infinity level
eg. topology under researching
physical singularity:
quantum level in progress
eg. super computing in progress
biological singularity:
dna & cell level surveillance
eg. vaccine in development
astrophysical singularity:
black hole
eg. matter distorted and compressed
social singularity:
historical dynamic changes level
eg. digital transformation in progress
information singularity:
anywhere anytime anything is under surveillances level
eg. 6G speed network in progress
technological singularity:
augmented brain surveillance level
eg. AI in progress

everything, everyone is smarter
more disagreement and rebel
more uncertainties
extreme disparity

most digital literates are beneficial

how to care those who are genetically have non digital literate ability…

please see the new generation voices towards the progressing of the singularity

Thank you

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