poems are great ways to explore

poems are great ways to explore
when the spirits soar…

A spirit wanders in the unknown
It looks for those honesty
Is there any reality?
Is there any truth?
It wishes to be known

Can it has enough energy
Till it reaches its destination?
It just wishes for a companion
It just wants to communicate

It gets cold chill as it near
Where there is mirage
Where there is fake
Is it fantasy or real?

It finds many stories to share
Who would not want to listen
For they are voices for helps
How to lend a hand?

The spirit sees happy or sad
The spirit sees good or bad
It never really knows how to help
It prays and prays and prays

So please all listen to its tale
Then learn the ugly truth
Travellers of life experiences
The spirit’d finally found

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please enjoy the poems with beautiful poetry images and lovely sound

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