the unfinished song

the unfinished lyrics
is a collection of
broken pieces of prides

the unfinished song
is a collection of
broken notes of grudges

the unfinished story
is a collection of
broken pages of memories

the unfinished jealousy
is an illusion of
broken self reflection

the unfinished hatred
is a failure of love
that shaken to fight

the unfinished road
is leading to the way
of broken promises

the unfinished poems
is a collection in
the freedom of speech

the forever going
to a destination
will complete one day

though the earth itself
won’t go away and stay
afloat continuously..

what will you carry on?
what will you pass on?
what will you leave behind?

i will..cherish the way to make a record modestly and philosophically,
of the genuine humans’ vulnerability on the behavior and mis-perception
in the digital poems books..

please enjoy the unfinished song with the unfinished music

The unfinished Song

Jumped into the box of notes drawn by the sweet melody

Surrounded by many strings and instruments

Perplexed on how to bring them to compose a good sound

From intro to the end, how to add the harmony and the brilliant notes

Filled the air with the slow song played it down to the heart

Keeping rhythms in and out of the sentimental portray

Never knew where was right and what was wrong

Came and corrected to the rhyme
but it was a hard ground

Music stories fascinated as every body has created

As a network of melody arts making a song picture last

For sharing songs and laughs, bellyfuls

It was where the storyteller held forth with the clues

In every place happily thoughts, singing in the special way

Happy a bird as melody tones chimed and roamed

The little songbird flown to reach the home

Reaching to all arms outstretched,
to lift up and walk out of despair

Sang a song of love and fun,
a song all its own

All hungry ones following around
waiting patiently for the song

Such joy reigned in the abode awoke from scattered notes

The unfinished song that unfold the truth reality, yarning still

© sharing thoughts creations

Thank you

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