Study on breathing

Don’t forget to breath extra plus without mask at window side in your home. Breathing exercise is a must during mask mundane period.

without mask 25,000 breaths
with mask <25,000 breaths
that is:
Lower breath counts cause imcomplete blood flow to the heart, which can cause less heart pumping buildup of dangerous reactive oxygen species (ROS), which happens due to long periods of low oxygen then breathing oxygen back in at high levels, which can damage DNA.
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Given that most of us take about 25,000 breaths a day and breathing properly is critical to how well our bodies function, we should try to get the most benefit we can from this life-sustaining activity, with or without a mask.

A small investigative trial Mr. DiTuro conducted with assistance from colleagues at the Mayo Clinic and other labs suggests that over prolonged periods, N95 masks, the kind worn by doctors caring for virus-infected patients, “do have the potential to alter respiratory patterns enough to cause negative physical and mental effects.”

Just before putting on your mask, take five “quality” breaths. With each breath, inhale through the nose for four seconds, exhale through the mouth for six seconds, then rest for two seconds. Repeat these five breaths as soon as you put on the mask, and again after you remove it.

please find more breathing related tips in this video

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